Method of Test to Determine Leakage of Operating HVAC Air-Distribution Systems
ASHRAE Standard Project Committee 215

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    Title, Purpose, and Scope

    1. PURPOSE:
    This standard specifies a method of test to determine leakage airflow and fractional leakage of operating HVAC air distribution systems, and determines the uncertainty of the test results.

    2. SCOPE:
    2.1 This standard is for field application in both new and existing buildings.
    2.2 This standard can be applied to determine whole-system or sectional leakage airflow.
    2.3 This standard provides (1) test procedures and requirements for measuring inlet and outlet airflows during system operation, and methods for (2) calculating leakage airflows
    to/from system surroundings, (3) calculating leakage test uncertainties, (4) documenting the test plan, and (5) reporting test results.
    2.4 The test procedures in this standard are limited to single-duct supply and independent exhaust air systems.
    2.5 This standard is not for determining return air leakage.
    2.6 This standard is not for determining leakage involving ceiling and floor plenums, laboratory systems with air valves, and air dispersion systems.
    2.7 This standard does not replace ductwork pressurization leakage testing.
    2.8 This standard does not specify leakage acceptance criteria.


    Committee Chair

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    Craig Wray


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    Larry Smith

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